Skhidnytsia is a small village located in the picturesque Carpathian area. It was recognized as a balneological resort in 1976. Nature had given Skhidnytsia a great gift — the unique healing springs, the so-called “Naftusia” mineral waters. In one relatively small area of ​​the Skhidnitsa mineral water field, there are 38 springs and more than 17 wells with different physic-chemical composition of water, which is also unique. Thanks to this, Skhidnitsa is known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. There are currently 10 water sources and three wells available to visitors. Other sources are reserved.

The incredible beauty of the Carpathian nature surrounding Skhidnitsa is difficult to describe in words. You must see it with your own eyes!

Geography, nature and climate

Skhidnitsa is located in Lviv region. The distance between Skhidnitsa and the Truskavets resort is around 20 km, the distance between Skhidnitsa and Lviv is 110 km. The village is located in a picturesque valley, surrounded by the Carpathian mountains at an altitude of 600-900 meters above sea level. Peaks of the mountains can sometimes even reach 1000 meters.

There is a special microclimate here thanks to pine and fir trees. Skhidnitsa is located not far from the Skole Beskids National Nature Park, which has great recreational, aesthetic, scientific and ecological value. Here you can find over 50 species of plants listed in the Red Book.

The wildlife of Skhidnitsa is very fascinating, rich and diverse. Here you can meet many famous inhabitants of the Carpathians — the Carpathian newt and the Fire salamander, as well as some less exotic ones — a lynx, the Western capercaillie, the Carpathian squirrel, the Red deer, the Podolsk mole-rat, a bison, a raccoon and many others. Many animals are in the Red Book of Ukraine, such as badgers, otters, brown bears, lynxes, black storks and others.

The climate in Skhidnitsa is temperate. The air here is filled with essential oils and is rather thin, which affects the respiratory rate, oxygenates the blood vessels and stimulates the regulatory function of the central nervous system.

Winters here are mild. Summers are warm, sunny days alternate with cloudy and rainy days, which is typical for the Carpathians.

The healing springs

Skhidnitsa first gained its fame thanks to petroleum oil, extraction of which began in 1872. But the main “gem” here are the mineral waters. Omelyan Stotsky, who first discovered them, fought for the right to use them for medicinal purposes for almost thirty years, until he finally succeeded. For a long time he was not only the first, but also the only one to believe in “Naftusia”

Thanks to its diuretic, choleretic, antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, “Naftusia” helps to fight diseases of kidneys, liver, gall bladder, biliary tract, as well as metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity, gout), chronic pancreatic disease and to excrete radionuclides from the body (which is especially important for the inhabitants of the Chernobyl zone). The therapeutic effect of this mineral water sometimes even outweighs the effects of some medication.

The geologists of NAS Ukraine have described more than 500 sources of mineral waters in the Carpathians. “Naftusia” was named the best one.

A big advantage of “FAVAR Carpathians” is that the main mineral water sources (1, 1C, 3, 8, 9, 10, 13) are located only 200-500 meters away.

Health and rest

Skhidnitsa offers everything you need to improve and maintain your health.

Over the past ten years several modern health centers, medical laboratories and SPAs have been opened in the village. There you can get advice from experienced doctors, undergo a medical examination, as well as receive pre-made package offers, that will provide a holistic approach to treatment.

Today Skhidnitsa is no different from big resorts such as Truskavets or Morshyn.

The best way to rest and recover your body is spending time in the mountains. They are full of natural remedies that have absolutely no side effects. You have to be very careful, because it can become addictive. But after all, it will only benefit your health and your body will thank you for the wonderful vacation in the Carpathians.


Our apartments have fully equipped kitchens, which give our guests freedom to prepare any meals in very comfortable conditions. Groceries can be bought at any of the local supermarkets.

For those who do not want to spend their time on food preparation, we offer meals in cafes and restaurants of Skhidnitsa. There are a lot of different establishments for you to choose from, depending on your preferred cuisine. All of them are located within walking distance from “FAVAR Carpathians”.

Given that Skhidnitsa is a resort, all restaurants have a variety of dietary and national Ukrainian dishes on their menu. Gastronomic delicacies and gourmet cuisine can be found at the resort’s most discerning restaurants and it will definitely be a very pleasant experience, which you will surely remember when you return from your vacation.

Infrastructure and entertainment

Even though Skhidnitsa is a small village, there are all the necessary communication services and infrastructure available for your comfort.

There is a bus station, “Ukrposhta”, “Nova Poshta”, “In-time” offices, banks and ATM-machines, pharmacies, supermarkets and grocery stores, food markets, souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, bistros, beauty parlors, medical centers and laboratories, SPAs, etc.

In the warmer seasons you can take walks around the countryside, collecting “souvenirs” from the forest, go fishing or swimming in the ponds or go on various excursions. The resort is located very near to the Skole Beskids National Nature Park, so there are plenty of things to be fascinated by. You can also pay a visit to the remnants of the absolutely unique medieval fortress of Tustan.

It is a tradition that every year the Skhidnitsa Summer Festival begins in the village on the Green holidays. It gathers thousands of people and is becoming more and more popular every year. The festival lasts all summer and ends with a big gala concert in late August. The are many competitions, master classes, exhibitions and concerts held during the festival and it is definitely an unforgettable experience.

 Skhidnitsa Summer Festival

Optionally, our guests can build their own entertainment and recreation programs. There are plenty of interesting excursions to choose from, such as horseback riding, biking, jeeping, paintball, river rafting on the Stryi river, conquering mountain peaks and visiting the Carpathian waterfalls, etc.

During the winter time — skiing is a must. Pay a visit to ski-resorts Bukovytsya, Play and Slavske. You can also engage in other winter activities, such as sledding and snowboarding. You can also ride across Skhidnitsa on a sleigh with bells attached to it.

Beautiful nature is calling! What are you waiting for?

How to get here

You can get to Skhidnitsa using public transportation or by car.

Guests of “FAVAR Carpathians” can use the free parking with 24/7 video surveillance.

The distance to Truskavets resort is 18 km, to Lviv (where the international airport and railway station are located) — 110 km.

By public transport

By bus from Lviv. The bus leaves every hour from the central railway station.

You can also travel by train in the direction “Lviv-Truskavets”: it leaves from the Lviv Suburban railway station to Truskavets (check the schedule beforehand) and then continue by bus from the Truskavets bus or railway stations (leaves every hour).

Get off when you enter the village or at the stop “Kyivska Rus”.

By car

To Skidnitsa through Truskavets. The apartment complex is located near the road from Boryslav, on the left side at Boryslavska, 22.

Будинок розташований на в’їзді у селище зі сторони Борислава ліворуч від дороги по вулиці Бориславська, 22.


  • 49°14’02.5″, 23°20’25.7″
  • N 49.2339206, E 23.3407229


Our guests have a chance to use the transfer (previous reservation needed).

Online webcams

Do you want to see what Skhidnitsa looks like in real time? Are you planning a visit, but haven’t decided on the dates yet? Or maybe you just want to reminisce back to your past vacation at “FAVAR Carpathians”?

For this purpose, the webcams of “FAVAR Carpathians” operate online. The broadcast is conducted from two places: one webcam broadcasts a view of Skhidnitsa and gives an opportunity to get the best view of the resort and surrounding mountains, and the other — a panoramic one, is directed at the park of Saint Pantaleon, where the big sign “I ♥ Skhidnitsa” is installed.

Both broadcasts are live-streamed and deliver high-quality images with sound. This live broadcast from Skhidnitsa is operated thanks to cooperation between “FAVAR Carpathians” and “Kirillovka.ks.ua”.

More information

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